Revenge Body


I’m sure most people have read or seen somewhere that Khloé Kardashian (formerly my favourite) has a new show called Revenge Body. While I haven’t seen it, and probably won’t, I feel I know enough to say it sounds bad. KK gets people to tell their stories, about who they want revenge on (exes/haters) and then […]

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The Lure (Film) Review


The angels were truly looking down on us this week when we were both able to find copies of this insane mermaid musical. I’m going to wade straight in because I literally cannot wait but honestly, a film about mermaids singing in a burlesque club and eating people? It’s got to be everything, right? *Spoilers ahead* The […]

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Blue Monday


I was going to do a whole schtick about Blue Monday and my ‘cure’ for such days but, on reading the post back, I realised it was coming off too flippant. Like, ha the cure for any bad day is obviously Jason Momoa’s Instagram, and while I wish more than anything it was that simple, I know […]

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New Year, Nice Things: 2 Things I’m Watching


So January has been dubbed New Year, Nice Things Month (by me) because we all know how truly shitty it is getting back into the swing of it, having to work and adhere to rules while simultaneously dealing with the fallout from Christmas, a nice time admittedly but quite pointless in the long run. Having […]

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Phoenix (Film) Review


This week’s movie, picked by Jillian, wasn’t her first choice (I messed that up single-handedly by being a prize dufus) but I’m so glad we finally got the opportunity to see it, as I know we’ve both had it on our lists for a while. Ever since we both fell a little in love with […]

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The Future


I miss writing ‘proper’ blog posts. I feel like I’ve stalled over the last month or so, starting new posts and then getting distracted or changing my mind about posting them for whatever reason. Mainly mild self-doubt, my old friend. But no more – 2017 is going to be a creative year, I can feel […]

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Divines (Film) Review


This is officially our first review of 2017 as the Great Blog Collab and how freaking dope is that? It’ll take me a while to recap on 2016 and all the films we covered, but I am very much looking forward to doing so. So, do we have a clever theme for the first month […]

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