Love Day Rant


I hate Valentine’s Day with a passion. A passion I could never muster on the actual day which is ironic really. There’s no good reason for me to be all bah humbug about it, I just really resent the pressure applied to us all AGAIN to pull fairy dust and rainbows out of our arses to […]

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Feminist Film Month: Arranged (Film) Review


I’m going to go light on the intro this week because I’m pretty sure this month’s theme speaks for itself. Yes, it’s Feminist Film Month up in this joint (also over at Jill’s). Men are allowed but they better shut the hell up, is all I’m saying. Here we go. *Beware spoilers, yo!* Arranged (2007) Directed: Diane […]

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Feminist Manifesto


My personal feminist manifesto is this: All girls to the front. All girls. I will read feminist books. I will watch movies by women. To coin a meme: I will speak the truth even if my voice shakes. Other people’s bodies, clothing, make up, faces are none of my damn business. Being feminist doesn’t make me […]

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Grey Gardens (Film) Review


Proof that January is an especially long month is in the fact that this is the fifth film we’ve reviewed within it. And what a way to go out! Like, I’m officially obsessed with the world of the two Edies and I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to delve in. Without further ado, […]

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Scarlet Street (Film) Review


Part 3 in our Free For All Month, in which Jill and I choose films we’ve had on our wishlists for some time. It’s been an eclectic January to say the least. I don’t think I’m quite over the killer mermaids of last week yet. However, if you’re after powerful women (this time sans fins), […]

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Revenge Body


I’m sure most people have read or seen somewhere that Khloé Kardashian (formerly my favourite) has a new show called Revenge Body. While I haven’t seen it, and probably won’t, I feel I know enough to say it sounds bad. KK gets people to tell their stories, about who they want revenge on (exes/haters) and then […]

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The Lure (Film) Review


The angels were truly looking down on us this week when we were both able to find copies of this insane mermaid musical. I’m going to wade straight in because I literally cannot wait but honestly, a film about mermaids singing in a burlesque club and eating people? It’s got to be everything, right? *Spoilers ahead* The […]

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