The Voice

Bjork (11)It’s been all go this weekend with family visits, free comedy, eating everything in sight and going to see the new Mad Max (look, my view of busy versus yours may be very different, okay?). It will also be all go this coming weekend with a family wedding and some time away from home at my mother’s.

I want some time to sit down and focus on my blogs (this one and my fledgling blog, Graffiti Bridge). It’s an exciting time for the latter, in that it could be something if I can only determine what that might be, and how to get there. I feel like I need a proper plan though, not something cobbled together on the back of a discarded receipt, especially if I want to a) stand out from the crowd and b) approach actual artists and interview them.

But I’m not in any way done with AVM, this blog is part of who I am and I will never not be here, even if attention sways or slows down to a crawl. My weekly collaboration with Jillian is über fun but is also a great way of keeping up with regular posting. I love reviewing films but I don’t want to lose the heartbeat of my blog either, which includes other topics.

I’m definitely flirting with trying on a new medium for size and that might be recording tiny podcasts and embedding them in my reviews (to begin) and then moving them forward. I love the medium and have been enjoying an array of really entertaining ones, including Bangs and a Bun, No Pun Intended and the daddies, Mark Kermode & Simon Mayo’s Film Reviews lately. I highly recommend them all and also Serial, if you haven’t yet caught it.

I’ve downloaded an Android app called Spreaker Studio which looks easy enough to master and if they work, I’ll probably use Soundcloud. Sounds professional already, right?

So that’s me, looking into phase two for A Voluptuous Mind. I don’t know if it will work, if it will be any good or if anyone will enjoy it but I guess that’s the beauty of trying something new: you just never know.

Until then, have a great week all.

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