The A to Z of Me

I saw this on Nerd About Town a couple of months ago and thought I’d give it a go. I’ve changed some of it though to make it more ‘me’.

Have a go if you fancy it.

Age 38.

Birthday 25th November.

Children No thanks.

Dream To write a book one day.

Envy Girls with shiny hair who don’t have to try.

Film True Romance or Kill Bill, my two all time favourites.

Goals Get a more creative job where I can write, be left alone and drink tea all day.

Hates Keyboard warriors and men who tell you they’re the nice guys then proceed to act anything but. Also, being Mansplained to.

Inspiration My mother. Jillian. Bjork. Tatty.

Joke Why does Rupert the Bear wear those yellow trousers?… Because he’s a C**T.

Kisses First kiss was with a scouser in Paris on a school trip. Best kiss was with my now husband at Vancouver airport when he came to visit and we kissed for the first time.

Loves Films, reading, food. Graffiti.

Memory My first memory is of my dad, I think. He was very ill and we lost him but I remember a gentle man. I remember the night Mum told us he was gone and I remember not understanding what that meant.

Nightmare Being trapped in a small confined space. Or shark infested waters. Probably the latter more so… shudder.

Occupation Marketing Executive. The ‘Exec’ part means fuck all, obviously. Considering a new job in 2016, not going to lie. I feel like a change is due…

Pet Hate Spitting. And people who scuff their feet on the ground as they walk. Bad grammar.

Quote “Comparison is the thief of joy”, “It’s all about the Bass, about the Bass no treble”.

References Available on request.

Sex No thanks, I’m English. Lolz.

Tattoos Loads and loads and more to come (first session 2nd February).

Unrequited Love I’ve had plenty – it feels rubbish but it also makes you feel ALIVE.

I know it’s not a nice quality and I try not to be vain but when you’re trying to love yourself I think a certain amount of it is permitted.

Wishes I’m trying just to be happy in life and happy in myself. So I wish for that to continue and grow. I also wish no more stress for my husband, who’s the sweetest person I know and he’s had enough.

X-rays (aka Broken Bones) Several. I fell off a pair of Spice Girl platform boots more than once in the nineties. Once I was dancing on a podium (GET ME), felt a crack and then… nothing. I got rushed to the hospital with my best friend behind me, freaking out. It was a fracture and no it didn’t stop me dancing for very long.

Yes Yes Yes Loungewear. Being cosy. Netflix at the weekend. Nice food. Good company.

Zzzzz (What bores me in other words, you try finding one for Z!) Numbers. Taxes. The details (I hate being pinned down to sort out the details). Having to make plans – can someone just tell me where to be and when? War films.

That’s me in a nutshell.

How about you? ❤

11 thoughts on “The A to Z of Me

  1. Exellent! Always lovely to learn things about you! Absolutely yes to boring war films. Also I cackled wildly at that Rupert the Bear jab. Good work.
    I hope any change for you this year is good change 🙂 xx
    Ps. Dancing on a podium pushes you up even higher in my estimation. That takes some guts!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey HM! Thank you! Yes, I used to be a wild card… not so much now, I’m that boring fart who watches her young friends now and says “Done that!”, now I love Netflix, blankets and dresses with pockets. The cosy things in life.

      Thank you. And you too, I hope your next year (and beyond) are filled with our joy! xoxo


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