*Idea shamelessly stolen from Holley who blogs at Chasing Destino (who credits the idea as Part-Time Monster‘s).

If you and I were sitting on my new sofa**, sharing coffee I would talk to you about:

Making a Murderer (2015) – Two weeks ago I was convinced I knew everything. More so I was sure of Steven Avery’s innocence because obviously he didn’t commit such a heinous crime after winning back his freedom after 18 fucking years of false imprisonment – nobody is that stupid.

Now I’ve read more I’m not so sure. It’s a criminal case that just keeps giving, and I LOVE IT.

**My New Sofa – which is fictional at this stage. It was too big to get into the front room. The delivery guy was patronising and blamed me for not measuring it (which is fair TBF). Then he mansplained something verrry slowly to me and I told him not to speak like I’m stupid. Minor victory to me, still no sofa. Floor picnic it is!

Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes – This is the sequel to the best book I read last year and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. This one is set in LA, amongst the movie set and follows Joe, just an ordinary guy with a penchant for stalking and murdering people, usually his girlfriends. No biggie. As far as I’m concerned, You is the yardstick by which I will measure all thrillers from now on.

The Hateful Eight (2015) – Hmmmmm. Before I lay it down I feel I should pre-fix my thoughts with this: I love Quentin Tarantino. The Director, not so much the man who comes across slightly pompous and probably wouldn’t be my friend IRL. As an artist though, woweee. I have loved almost everything he’s set before me and I will remain faithful until the day I die (Kill Bill Vol. 1 yo).

3df2223bdd2afb3d_TH8-CH_NN1NGST1LL.xxxlarge_2xBut to TH8: I don’t know how to feel. My instinct is that I really hated it because Sam Jackson takes centre stage (I like him but I don’t think he’s good enough to carry so many scenes, sorry). I didn’t like any of the characters and it was so ‘talky’ (well, duh) – but now I’m thinking that all that was the point and just maybe, it’s actually brilliant and worth a second viewing just to see.

Another almost 3 hour viewing. Dammit, QT, I wish I knew how to quit you. (Not really).

For the record, it was good to see Jennifer Jason Leigh in her role. Even though she’s as heinous as any of her cabin mates, I kind of rooted for her. Plus, a cameo from Channing Tatum never hurts.

What’s on your mind this week? I’m happy to listen ❤

2 thoughts on “#weekendcoffeeshare*

    1. We’ve got one now HM, it took a lot of getting there but we’re there now! It all looks lovely too so it was worth all the turmoil.

      Yes! If you do see MaM please let me know your thoughts. I’ve discussed it with the strangest of people, including my big boss, and the best thing about it is getting into the fan theories, etc afterwards. My opinion changes every day! x


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