The Hot (or Not) List

When I read a fashion magazine (or any magazine for that matter), I love a Hot/Not List. Not that I take much heed of what I should or shouldn’t be eating/watching/wearing, I mean I’m more programmed to fall for something on the totally uncool side of the list, anyway.

Nevertheless, I still enjoy being influenced by new books, films and fashions whenever I can. I also like the thought of doing my own list once a week or thereabouts. I was thinking of making it a Sunday exercise, and setting myself no particular rules, just listing shit I dig, such as smiles from strangers, discount Valentine’s Chocolate and The Duff, and shit I don’t (loud chewers, cold hands, Jessica Jones).

Fun, huh?

Since it’s Tuesday I’m already a couple of days late but I’m still going to post because I’m a consummate professional like that. So without further ado, what’s Hot and what’s not in my world right now?

Hot Right Now

PicMonkey Collage
Geo print, £14 & Kimono Sleeve, £12.50 – both Pink Clove


I now own so many jumpsuits and you could say they’re a larger woman’s secret weapon. They can look really put together and awesome while still being the most comfortable thing ever. Like wearing posh pyjamas to work or dressing like a comfort-conscious superhero.

I’m currently wearing the geographical print above and let me tell you, it packs quite the punch. I feel like the fourth Angel. I’m just missing the Farah flick and big sunnies to finish off this bodacious look.


Cate Blanchett‘s Bafta 2016 Dress

This Alexander McQueen dress with it’s finely embroidered bodice and black feathered floor length skirt is absolutely breathtaking, and Cate looks insanely gorgeous in it. Was this woman born for the red carpet, or what?

Other highlights of Bafta night for me were Leo‘s acceptance speech thanking his mum and John Boyega winning EE Rising Star. Also, Kate Winslet, always.

PicMonkey Collage2
Fierce (are we still saying that?)

Bowie Tribute Looks

Both Costume Designer Sandy Powell and Queen Gaga took to the carpets (Bafta and the Grammys, repectively) this week in outfits that would do Ziggy proud.

I have a feeling there were some negative comments regarding these choices but I refuse to read them anymore so let’s just declare both women bloody gorgeous and leave it at that.

Gaga then took to the stage and gave a tribute performance of a lifetime. She looked like she was having so much fun. Yasssss my Queen.

I’m a Belieber

Carpool Karaoke

I haven’t seen the new Biebs carpool yet (heading home to watch it though!) but I just love this series. I’m not the hugest James Corden fan but in these I adore him, he’s so watchable and warm. Basically, it wouldn’t matter who was in the ‘celebrity’ seat, I’d still watch and be hugely entertained.

So far Adele‘s has been the best. Obvi.

Not So Much

Cold Hands

Why are my poor hands always so cold? And why haven’t I bought any gloves yet this Winter? Oh that’s right, so far it’s been too mild. Now it’s too cold and tomorrow I’ll be running through a water sprinkler in a bikini probably.

Global warming problems.

So you’re on a diet?

Diet Talk

I now know exactly how much the nice lady in the Co-op is hoping to lose in weight before her holiday in Morocco – because she couldn’t wait to tell me.

Look, I get it, we’re women and this is what we’re supposed to do but I don’t want this talk in my life. Good for you, lose a stone, feel great – I’m over here trying to buy a Peparami and move on with my day, thankyouverymuch.
On your bike, haters

Memes that pit women against each other

You’re probably seen the Audrey Hepburn Vs. The Kardashians meme before, the one that says something along the lines of “In a world full of Kardashians, be Audrey.” It does the rounds on FB every now and again. Christ it pisses me off!

Sometimes it’s not Audrey, sometimes you get Princess Diana and I just don’t even know where to start with any of it. They’re implying that Audrey/Di has a level of class Kim & Co will never possess and that’s just nuts. It’s just slut shaming (and the rest) all over again and I’m not down. I am not down at all.

I haven’t posted the meme because I wish it would curl up and die, so have an image of Kim dressed similarly to Audrey instead! You see, anyone can look like butter wouldn’t melt. *insert knife stabby emoji here*


So there we have it, what’s hot and what’s not this week.

What’s hot in your eyes? Anything I need to check out? 💗

10 thoughts on “The Hot (or Not) List

  1. At first I was pissed that James Corden stole Craig Ferguson’s show, but I LOVE Carpool Karaoke. The Elton John one was so excellent.
    I’ve never worn a jumpsuit? IDK if they’re just not as big of a trend here or perhaps I’m just totally out of the jumpsuit loop…the closest thing I’ve seen in stores are those footie pajamas. Not QUITE the same thing. I’ve mostly been wearing lined tights a lot. A LOT.
    My hands are fucking freezing all the damn time too.
    Personally, I am SO FUCKING HAPPY John Oliver is back. Watching clips of his show is usually the highlight of my Mondays.
    I just watched that recent-ish BBC production of And Then There Were None and completely adored it. I really appreciate the shirtless dudes in period dramas trend that’s picking up steam.
    Obv reading this blog is hot too.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I had to quickly Google John Oliver, he’s got a nice face! I know him only from Community. I haven’t seen the Elton Carpool yet but it’s on my to do list. I also love love loved And Then There Were None, it was one of my Christmas highlights. Superficially: OMG Aiden Turner in a towel – he’s ridiculously attractive. Like it’s almost offensive. Great Hots honey! xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha, excellent suggestion re: jumpsuit!
      And CHRIST, it really was quite indecent how attractive Aidan Turner was and how many times he was shirtless considering he murdered 21 people. TWENTY-ONE. But it was kind of attractive how few fucks he gave.
      …I feel I learned a lot more about myself than I wanted to know by watching ATTWN.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I just thought it was deliciously evil and loved how each person justified their horrible acts. So true, he was about the only one who wasn’t apologetic about his blood list. Mmmm, lust. Did you ever see him in English Being Human? I didn’t dig him as much but he was still very pretty. Ugh.

        Girl, if you come here you’ll need a jumpsuit for all the kick ass shit we’ll do. After we’ve watched all the films and eaten all the food, obvi xo

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I watched a few eps of Being Human but got annoyed as the characters seemed a bit whiny. Maybe should’ve given it more of a chance, esp. re: potential for shirtless moments from Aidan Turner.
        He needs a better agent. And prob a jumpsuit. Jumpsuits for us all!


  3. I totally understand and agree with your thoughts on random diet talk. It’s a proper peeve of mine when people do it while you’re trying to eat. Because nothing makes me enjoy my meal more. There was a lady I used to work with that would sit in the canteen and loudly tell us all about her superior healthy eating while we all tried (and failed) to enjoy our chocolate. Just no. Anyway.
    Your love of jumpsuits makes me want to buy one! (I don’t own any!) Definitely considering trying one after seeing you in all your jumpsuit glory on instagram! ❤ xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It really is fucking annoying to have these things preached at us. I want to say “Look I don’t hate myself because I’m fat, go away!” but it is so ingrained in some people. I fight every day to be proud of who I am, I don’t want to be miserable and sometimes I want fucking cake, alright? It’s not ‘naughty’ either, it’s Victoria Sponge not fucking cocaine! (Excuse my French)!

      Oh please get a jumpsuit, HM! I’m trying to persuade @jilliansheilas as well. They’re game changers, honest. I bought another one this week. I think I’d better give up my job and become a cat burglar now… Can’t recommend them enough. Thank love xo


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