Skinny Dipping (and Other Pursuits): March Wish List

Rachel Backpack, Skinny Dip London, £35 (I might now own this)*

Fashion is supposed to be fun. Clean lines and lightweight fabrics have their place but if it’s boring and not zhushed up with something delightful then what is the fucking point?

I personally like colour, clashing prints and things that hang from my throat and earlobes that resemble toys from Kinder Eggs.

The rise of the pin badge has got to be one of the most pleasing trends and it’s in full swing now, as is the sew or iron on patch, which makes me glad I bought an over sized black denim jacket for the Spring. It was born to cart around the clacking pins and embroidered nostalgia I will bestow upon it.

Here are just a few of my favourite things at the moment:

Skinny Dip London

I first noticed this brand in Topshop, a store I seldom go into because it doesn’t do clothes that fit me. But a friend was buying Mom Jeans and there I was, drawn like a magnet to the Mermaid Tears clutch bags.

Since then Skinny Dip seems to have gone from strength to strength, branching out from cute phone cases to bags, purses and make-up bags, as well as collaborating with interesting people such as ASOS Stylist and Curve model, Felicity Hayward.

My only issue now is having too much to choose from. I’ve narrowed it down to just a couple of pieces that are guaranteed to up your handbag game (and I might own a couple of them now, so sue me).

PicMonkey Collage
Leopard iPhone 6 case, £14 ~ Girls Coin Purse, £12 ~ Leopard Makeup Bag, £14

Sugar and Vice Designs

I’m obsessed and just about ready to splash out on a handful of the sweetest enamel badges I’ve ever seen. Somebody stop me! (Actually don’t, my Spring/Summer wardrobe needs them). Also, irony = I don’t even like avocados!

PicMonkey Collage3
Tik Tok, £7 ~ Gemstone, £7 ~ Planchette, £6 ~ Avocado, £6

Tatty Devine

Probably one of the first brands you think of when you think of fun pieces. I personally covert this baby:

Dental Bling Necklace, £45

As worn by super babe, Emma of Archer Avenue. Check her out!

Black Heart Creatives

I have so many amazing pieces from here, including my ultimate favourite Glitter Lips Necklace but it just keeps getting better and I just keep getting poorer.

How bloody cool are these? WANT!

PicMonkey Collage4
Girl Gang Fist Necklace, £30-£33 ~ Custom Bamboo Earrings, £20 (I would totes have the No Scrubs though)

Fairy Cakes

Another great treasure trove of enamel pins and patches. I’m seriously digging:

PicMonkey Collage5
Rainbow Juice Box, £7 ~ Ferris Wheel, £7 ~“No Thanks…”, £7 ~ Nutella, £7

I’m also obsessed with this necklace and this patch:

PicMonkey Collage6
Giant Hexagon Necklace, £50 ~ Fight Like a Girl Iron On Patch, £6

So that concludes this rather colourful post of all things I am currently lusting after. I think this year is going to be a colour riot with lots of nods to the happy times of my childhood.

Yes, I’ll definitely be getting out the sewing kit and adding my favourite things to my jacket. Ten year old Christa would be proud as a pickle.

What do you think about all this kitsch? Is this a look you would happily rock or does it terrify you? ❤

Ps. These are mostly small businesses run by people I follow and admire on social media. Where possible I always try to support small business because I can see how much love and attention has gone into each design and piece. Check them out, I know you won’t be disappointed.

*In my ‘raving days’ I had a Barbie backpack (this! Which is heartbreakingly SOLD OUT). I loved it more than life and I’m forever trying to recreate that relationship with fluffy arm candy! Pretty sure my mum threw it away when I went travelling…

6 thoughts on “Skinny Dipping (and Other Pursuits): March Wish List

  1. The girl gang necklace is so great. And the hexagon one too. Confession time: I almost never wear necklaces because I have an irrational fear of getting them stuck in doors and choking.
    Plus I fiddle with them the whole day if I wear them. I bet all of the above would look fab on you, though!


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