An accurate recreation of how I look in my lounge wear

We’ve never been big Easter celebrators round these parts.

Being non-religious and all, it’s usually just an excuse to enjoy a gleeful four day weekend (more if you’re clever with your holiday days) and to eat chocolate for every meal.

I’ve been a lazy, lazy toad personally. Sure, I’ve been out a bit, seen some friends, seen a couple of movies at the cinema, nothing strenuous. But the rest of it has been mainly spent in my knickers, pottering.

I love a potter about, me. I like my own bedroom nook, in which I seem to regress, watching teen movies and blow drying my hair. Reading and painting nails.

I’m responsibility-less for a few hours at a time, not stressing out about the usual things: work, ageing, whether The Carters (Queen Bey and Jay Z, not Danny Dyer and Co) are really on the rocks. It’s nice.

You know what? Sometimes it’s just nice to take time to recharge and therefore they’ll be no more guilt speak from me. I have two more lie ins ahead, a banoffee luxury egg in my fridge and I might even draw myself up a blog plan.

I want to spend more time around these parts, making it nice. My virtual nook, if you will.

Whatever you’re doing this weekend, have a good one! ❤


One thought on “Easter

  1. The older I get, the more I’m into doing absolutely nothing for holidays. Except for the eating part.
    It was really nice to get away for the Easter weekend, but I did almost nothing Easter-related, and it was pretty much perfect.
    I’m glad you ate chocolate. Automatic Easter success.

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