Ava’s Possessions (Film) Review 


I loved last week’s film choice so much that I got confused as to whose turn it was to pick this week. I should have known Jill would never leave it to the very last minute like I would (and do). So this week is my choice and luckily I had this film waving at me from my Netflix list already.

Someone I follow on Twitter also shared some vastly different cover artwork which piqued my interest in this film. I’ve shared it below.

Since we’re doing B Movies this week I did worry this isn’t strictly appropriate but then I shrugged and carried on with my day because, so? Our blog collab, our rules.

Anyway, enough intro hooey from me. Enjoy the review. *Spoilers!*

PicMonkey Collage2
Some of the coolest poster art in a while

Ava’s Possessions (2015)

Director: Jordan Galland
Carol Kane, William Sadler,

IMDB Synopsis: A young woman recovers from a demonic possession.

My Review:

Ava wakes up in her apartment after 28 days of being possessed by a demon. We’ve all be there, amirite? Go for one drink on a Friday night after work, wake up a month later feeling like you’ve done ten rounds with Beelzebub? I feel you, girrrl.

Now demon-free (or is she?), Ava’s family are milling around being all pissy about how she chooses to live (it’s a fucking loft style space with raw walls and furniture made out of breeze blocks, that she lives in alone, not too shabby at all). But still they tell her to sort her life out.

If we’re honest with ourselves, they’re all pretty caj about the fact their loved one has just had to have a demon driven out of her body but I’ve not been in this position myself (yet) so what do I know?

Ava’s ma in particular has a lot to say about said possession, implying that Ava should look on it as a wake-up call. She’s bitchy and wearing an eye patch, which for now remains unexplained. Also present are dad, Ava’s sister and her drippy fiancé, Roger.

All this possession really takes it out of you…

So Ava is left to slowly put her life back together. Not just that but to piece together what exactly the fuck she did while possessed. Her rap sheet is pretty long and she’s looking at some substantial jail time for damage and assault (among other things) unless she agrees to go to Possessed People Anonymous.

Her friends are also wary of her since witnessing some of her wilder behaviours (fucking her friend’s boyfriend, general debauchery) and she’s been dumped by her boyfriend so she goes along to PPA to see what’s what. There’s a handbook she’s supposed to read before she attends her first session but she’s just not that into the whole concept really.

She gets reprimanded for being late on her first day and told off for using the ‘D’ word, which is ‘Demon’ btw, not ‘Dick’. But she witnesses rather a dramatic scene in which the program leader has one of the participants trussed up in chains, battling with her demon in full view of the rest of the group, which cures her of any skepticism.

In POSSESSION of some pretty good resting bitch face

The drill is that each ‘possessed’ person has to learn to tear off a mystical amulet (which also summons their demon back, eek) whilst in the throes of being taken over. Basically, this rehabilitation is to teach the possessed how to not let the demon have total control over them, if they can’t stop the actual possession. Phew.

“I did a Youtube make-up tutorial, dya like it?”

It’s quite endearing to hear the rest of the group talk about their personal demons, and Ava makes a friend who actually likes hers and wants him back. Which is a vastly different story to the rest of them but to each their own.

When at home, Ava finds an engraved Rolex in her sofa, to someone called Conrad and wonders how it got there, and who Conrad might be. She’s also dubious about the time she was possessed, after finding a hastily covered up blood stain on her living room floor. She thinks there’s more to the story and that her family might be too scared to tell her what it is.

“You should meet me at Christmas. I’m a real hoot.”

A lot happens throughout this unravelling of Ava’s story but the gist is that she tracks down Conrad’s son, who she ends up becoming entangled with (AKA some casual boning). She keeps getting possessed by her demon, unwittingly helps her new rehab friend evoke her demon again by dabbling in witchcraft and meets the Ghost of motherfucking Christmas Present.

She also gets threatened by a pimp, who she previously encountered whilst possessed and meets a hooker who not only knows her verrry well but seems able to help her get to the bottom of what the actual fudge is going down.

Meanwhile, things are not what they seem within the family and Ava’s instinct that her mother in particular knows more than she’s letting on is proven correct.

“Pretty sure Anna Wintour said narrow belts are in for the Summer…”


What really happened to Ava during her possession? Who the fuck is Conrad? What’s her mother’s beef and why the eye patch, yo?

Will Ava put her life back together again with the help of her rehab stint? What does her new witchy tattoo mean?

What’s the living shit is going ON?!

Watch and find out for yourselves, especially if you’re partial to demonic behaviour. Who isn’t frankly?

Sleep when I’m dead

My Thoughts:

I’ve had an absolute nightmare typing up this review due to my laptop being possessed by a virus, so it’s shorter than normal. It might be better for it though, who knows? I liked this film maybe a little more now I’ve rethought about it, though it’s by no means perfect.

I like the twist at the end which isn’t that surprising and I like the concept of having to piece together events rather than concentrating solely on the possession itself. Ava’s demon is quite awful with a distinctive drumming announcing his impending arrival though this film isn’t scary. In a sense I was expecting more Drag Me To Hell (2009)/Jennifer’s Body (also 2009) style high jinx and I was left wanting.

Performances were okay. It was only okay. Sadly those awesome posters are the best thing I will take from this experience. I ain’t mad at you Ava but you could’ve been better.

My Rating: 3.5/5. Not bad. Not amazeballs.

What did Jill think? Was she possessed with joy by this movie choice, or would she prefer to exorcise it from her memory forever? Find out here

I’ve been shoddy about names and links in this review, so please forgive me. Excellent attention to detail will return next week. Peace.

PS: Jill and I will not be film blogging next weekend, as I have something I need to do and Jill will be FLYING TO THE UK! But we’ll do something film-based to mark our time together, mark my words.

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