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A bit of a dramatic title for this post perhaps but it’s a great word, don’t you think?

I would say I’m in a funk but it’s sort of lifted this morning. So far so good anyway. I can only blame the rain and cold for these feelings, though I love them both dearly for allowing me to wear layers and be cosy indoors. Also, feel less guilt for hibernating with a book most evenings.

Things in general just seem so exhausting lately. News from the weekend has rendered me speechless. I mean, I can’t begin to imagine the feeling of loss in Orlando right now, of the family and loved ones of all those lost in such a senseless act of hatred. Nor how it would feel to find yourself in that situation.

Nothing I can say is new, I can only say how sorry I am that this has happened to the gay community. The positive side as with most tragedies is the strength the community across the world has shown in standing against hate and paying tribute to the victims beautifully.

Add the EU Referendum and the US Election into the mix and social media is awash with so many opinions (rightly so) that I just feel like I need a break for a second. Step away from Facebook, Christa.

I know that’s not the answer, that the only way to fight the malaise, battle the homophobia and racism (that’s totally not racism) (for now) is to go to the pub with like-minded individuals, jump in puddles, eat cake, buy expensive bubble bath, sleep, read and pet strange dogs.

God, if only it really were that easy.

Hope you’re all having a good week. Another high school movie review coming this weekend as well as a review of a book I’m surprised I liked as much as I did. ❤

One thought on “Malaise

  1. Ever since Orlando I have been in a bit of a funk myself, but that might be also due to the fact that I just moved house again.

    Orlando was horrible, and I still cannot process what happend that weekend. Two major events that were both horrible struck a nerve in me.

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