Happy Gilmores

You’ll never win this staring contest

So I have a new obsession.

Call it the turning of the season, call it needing something solid to comfort me as I navigate this cruel wasteland of a world. Whatever we do decide to call it, it’s the best (televisual) thing to happen me since, well Stranger Things. And Stranger Things was very good indeed.

Gilmore Girls is something I’ve avoided successfully for years. First aired in 2000, it’s all about the close bond between Lorelai Gilmore and her 16-year-old daughter Rory and I’d written it off as too twee for me.

Well. Don’t get me wrong, it is on the cheesy side but imagine a pile of steaming hot cheesy chips for a second. Fromage-heavy indeed, but also extremely satisfying and comforting.

My friend Sian mentioned it last time I saw her and described it as one of the things she turns to when she’s in need of TLC and that sold it. I’m now six seasons down and even my husband’s into it.

Here are my observations so far:

*Beware possible SPOILERS*

I’d move to Stars Hollows in a heartbeat if I could, it’s the cutest.

Dean is the fucking worst with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

Logan is the most charismatic Rory boyfriend but ultimately I think she should get with Jess once, and end up with none of them.

Rory’s British accent is horrific.

These teens sure do like getting married huh?

I can’t work out if I find Luke attractive or not.

Bitchy in pink

Emily Gilmore is hands down the best character, she’s deliciously wry.

There sure are a lot of homophobic/fat jokes, eh? Must have been in vogue in the early noughties.

How is it that neither Lorelai or Rory ever put on weight given the amount of take out they devour?

Paris is the second best character. Then Mrs. Kim. I like the aggressive ones.

What on earth does Lane see in Zach?

Why can’t Taylor Doose just fuck off?

Fringe benefits

Why did Rory wait so long to get bangs, they look incredible.

Sookie is amazing and all but the clumsy kooky fat chick schtick is a little bit old.

Kirk‘s tax return must be all over the place the amount of jobs he does.

It genuinely makes me feel anxious when Lorelai and Rory fight.


“I’m not watching Glitter again!”

Joking aside, the show really does have a lot going for it. The relationship between mother and daughter is fun to watch, the wise-cracking between them, while exhausting and relentless, must have been quite something back when this first came out.

It’s a very feminist show, about two women growing together without a man around. The women speak openly about everything, from sex to drug use, and it promotes female friendship so well. I even find Lorelai’s fractious relationship with her parents touching, and often well up when Emily finally comes through.

I can now understand why the people who love it love it so much. I’m one of them.

Here’s to Season 7 and the 2016 reunion. I can’t hardly wait!

Are you a Gilmore fan? ❤


9 thoughts on “Happy Gilmores

    1. I love this but I’ve had to skip bits because I’m not finished yet! I don’t care about romantic spoilers but some of the others I’d rather avoid. I love that you love this show so much and I’m just a little sad I’ve only just got involved. Better late than never though, eh? Ugh, Dean.


  1. Ditto! Started watching a few months ago, a friend wore me down going on about it and now I’m just about to start season 7 and completely hooked. I hate Dean and Emily is my favourite but I definitely find Luke attractive, and I’m 100% #TeamLogan – if Rory doesn’t end up with him she’s (the writers) are nuts! I do love the bangs, but Rory has taken this whole dropping out thing too far and now she’s annoying me. I spend around 90% of my time singing the theme tune in my head and I once worked for someone who literally is the embodiment of Michele, right down to the counting of blueberries. Roll on the new episodes! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can’t wait, Cait, so cool you’re at exactly the same point as me. I forgot to mention Michele, I can’t believe they like him sometimes, he’s so obnoxious. Sure, that’s kind of the point but oh well! xoxo


  2. I’ve never watched either! I should probably start watching SOMETHING because right now I just find myself watching and reading all things election.
    Really need to do something besides engage in completely masochistic behavior.

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  3. I’m like halfway through. I love love love it! I can’t decide on Luke either, though I lean towards attractive, probably because I love him and am so fully behind him and Lorelai.
    Dean does suck. The only reason I enjoy him in any way is that I think fully-grown Jared Padalecki is one of the most beautiful men ever, so watching him as a teenager is cute.
    I’m blitzing through the rest to be ready for the new episodes! So close now! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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