I do my thang in the morning and get to work in a good mood. I take a selfie to show off my new lipstick on the way. 💄💋

Work is good and productive, I make progress on something I’ve been working on and it’s a weight off my mind. I talk to one of our printers on the phone in great detail about diets (boo), dementia and TV shows we like before he even mentions business. I speak to him more than I do my own husband on a daily basis which is weird but true.

The morning passes smoothly, Fridays bring out the best in people. I take an #ootd picture in the bathroom and challenge my friend Luke to a #bathroomselfieoff. He complies immediately. I do love the instant gratification of social media. Lunch is a pasta salad from the canteen. As I eat, I type up Thursday‘s post and read my Twitter timeline.

The afternoon is a whirl of emails and small jobs, everything I needed to do is checked off. Tom is super busy and looks knackered, we have a laugh about some of the music being played over the office Sonos. Some of the songs we hear have the most awful lines in them, which in turn always remind me of the lyric: “I get stacks of cash, you get cashews, I go hard, statues”. No, me neither.

Around five I message James to say I’m excited for tomorrow’s recording. He tells me he’s on the way to Eastbourne to meet a girl he really likes. I love new romance so I’m delighted for him and also looking forward to hearing the details, though not all of them obvs.

We’re all raring to go as the clock ticks round to 5.30pm. The office music always gets more cheerful towards the end of the week (and louder). Kirsty gives me a lift to The Level, I hop out and head to the Co-op, where I buy salmon, asparagus, bacon and eggs. I want to buy a cheesecake to bury my face into but refrain. I get home and put on Enemy. Glynn comes home an hour in. I finish the film after we’ve caught up and then make dinner. The salmon is a little overdone but still tasty. The asparagus is perfect.

We watch a film together called Nerve. It starts well but spirals downward quickly, some lines are actually laughable. After the film we head to bed, it’s only 9.40pm. We read for an hour and then go to sleep. I think for the hundredth time how much I’d like a full body pillow. Not as a sex thing like the ones you see at comic cons, just a plain one I can wrap myself around. I plan to get up early to watch another homework film in the morning so am content to have an early night.

We’re so fucking rock ‘n’ roll and I wouldn’t have it any other way. ❤

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