Day 5: More Than Beautiful


We’re under absolutely no obligation to be pretty, let’s get that straight. However, if we choose to make ourselves attractive, via any means we see fit then that’s our business too.

It bears repeating always that we are more than just pretty little birds (I’m talking to you, Aaron Paul). We are all manner of things, clever at some and really bad at others. I am my beating heart and my unique viewpoint. I am my stupid goofy laugh and my clumsy gait. I am my fast learning mind and my way with words and my shit dancing and my need to be the first person at a party to spill a drink.

I am my horrible singing voice and my tears when I see something I think is beautiful or romantic or touching.


And you? What makes you? There are hundreds of things that define you and it’s not your beauty. These are the things that make you beautiful, I can assure you of that.

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