New Year, Nice Things: 2 Things I’m Watching


So January has been dubbed New Year, Nice Things Month (by me) because we all know how truly shitty it is getting back into the swing of it, having to work and adhere to rules while simultaneously dealing with the fallout from Christmas, a nice time admittedly but quite pointless in the long run.

Having to deal with zero money, diet chat, people talking incessantly about going to the gym when that’s the last place you want to be, the cold (which NGL I LOVE) – all of that can take its toll. (It’s meant to snow tonight, yey).

Which is why I’m doing small and lovely things for myself to remind me that I’m Worth It and in more than just the Jennifer Aniston hair flicky way. I started with a new hair colour, booked in a new tattoo (for the 27th) and treated myself to a cinema pass so I can take myself on dates whenever the fuck I like.

I’ve also been watching a lot of TV and Film, which is great because I now have a purpose: this blog and All Out of Bubblegum (of course). Not that I ever need justification to watch a movie about two twin cannibal mermaid burlesque sisters*, you understand.

Anyway, I’ve just smashed two TV shows in a week that I really wanted to share with you because they are so good and watchable. Both are female driven, which is always a plus and without question my favourite kind of television. God knows we need more of the good stuff.

Issa Rae in Insecure

Insecure (2016)

IMDB Synopsis:

Follows the awkward experiences and racy tribulations of a modern-day African-American woman.

I got into Insecure on James’ recommendation and god, I just loved every episode. Dipping into the life and times of Issa Dee (played by Issa Rae) and her best friend Molly Carter (Yvonne Orji), it’s really funny with some of the sharpest writing I’ve seen in a while (since Fleabag maybe).

It’s also incredibly relatable, raising such true points about dating, relationships and the pressures of getting things done by a certain age. It also looks at white privilege and racial insensitivity in such an honest and fresh way, has some brilliant side characters and is just generally amazing. I really hope to see more of Rae, she plays Issa so sympathetically, I just want all the best things for the character, even when she’s messing up spectacularly.

Whether she gets them remains to be seen but Season 2 has just been green lit so I can’t wait.


Search Party (2016)

IMDB Synopsis:

Search Party is a dark comedy about four self-absorbed twenty-somethings who become entangled in an ominous mystery when a former college acquaintance suddenly disappears.

Another thoroughly enjoyable televisual treat starring one of my favourite faces, Alia Shawkat. I mean, what a face, right? She’s so watchable and in one scene, when her character Dory is shouting at her boyfriend, Drew (John Reynolds) in the street, I couldn’t have related more.

Dory, as it turns out isn’t the most together person, with no real direction in life, that is until she learns about missing Chantal, an old (and vague) acquaintance from college. Suddenly it seems she has new purpose, which leads her on a dark and twisted adventure she may never recover from.

Dory’s boyfriend Drew and her self-absorbed best friends Elliott and Portia (the excellent John Early and Meredith Hagner) are amazing characters, tagging along for the ride as Dory gets more and more embroiled in the mystery surrounding Chantal’s disappearance. The comedy is so dark and subtle that at times you almost miss it. Shawkat is as great as always, again giving a very flawed and selfish character the heart she needs to keep you interested. I highly recommend.

So that’s some of what I’ve been watching. Check them out yourself, if you fancy. ❤

*Jill, god I hope you can locate this!

4 thoughts on “New Year, Nice Things: 2 Things I’m Watching

  1. I’ve been meaning to start watching Insecure foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Search Party sounds great too!
    I don’t know if I’m ready to commit to a new series right now…but I guess at some point I’ll have to watch something besides 30 Rock/period dramas. …Or will I…?

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