Weekly Digest #2

This week’s cool things.

Three in a bed and the little one said… “Weren’t you in Mama Mia?”

New Preacher

I didn’t love Preacher’s first season but I think that’s only because its source material is one of my absolute favourites. I guess it’s taken me a while to get my head around the casting as I’d always pictured the central trio as older and more weathered.

I was also vexed that they appeared to have skipped over Preacher’s family history. However, it looks from the first episode of Season 2 that it might be moving in that direction now and I’m delighted. The opening sequence is sublime . 👌🏻

Fingers crossed.

Slightly more picturesque than anywhere on the 22 route

Being a Bus Wanker

My new job requires me to catch a bus to and fro – and I’m not hating it. The journey’s only about 20 minutes each way and it’s amazing daydreaming/podcast listening/lipstick applying time.

Basically, I pretend I’m Julia Roberts in Sleeping with the Enemy being delivered to her new independent life on a Greyhound every morning. Try it.

Rihanna’s Wild Thoughts look

RiRi is absolutely breathtaking always but I love her tropical look in this. Heart eyes for dayz.

Foundations by Kate Nash

The whole Foundations album is a joy imho and having Kate turn up in GLOW (mentioned in last week’s digest) has made me want to reacquaint myself with her cheery pop.


What are you digging this week?

3 thoughts on “Weekly Digest #2

  1. All the YES to Foundations! I love that song, and I love that I never clear out my iPod because now I have an urge to go listen to it for a while more. Glad you’re enjoying the bus! I used to catch it everyday too (and I will again soon!) and I always found it super useful to gear myself up for the day in the morning and then decompress and relax on the way home – though I hope your new job is not so stressful that you need decompression time! ❤ xox

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my God HM, you’ve got a new job too! Are you excited? I’ll think of you when I’m on my bus, listening to pop music and decompressing (I think you need that no matter how happy you are at work, for me it’s to let go of any anxiety I have, having had to deal with other people, you know?).

      My new job is great though, even if I have masses to learn which in itself causes anxiety but it’s all of my own making. They all seem lovely! When do you start yours? xoxo


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