Letterboxd Love


My new favourite thing (not really that new, I’ve been on it since late December) is a little film lovers app called Letterboxd.

Letterboxd, let me count the ways.

If you love the movies as much as I do, and as much as my new friend on LB Meghan Lightle does, then this very well may be the app for you. You can get to it on a desktop site but it’s basically an app you carry around on your phone or device and I’m obsessed with it.

I guess you could call it Facebook for Movie Lovers if you were a bit of a turd but it is a cataloging and reviewing resource (or film database) that other people can comment and follow one another on, so that is fairly accurate.

You’ll hopefully encounter less bullshit here than on your average FB feed, though there are many, many pretentious buffs lurking in wait to mansplain how your favourite film should be interpreted. So have fun with that.


I’ve been keeping a track of my watching habits since the end of last year and was inspired to do so by All Out of Bubblegum and all the homework we set ourselves fortnightly. I was also intrigued to see if the new unlimited cinema pass we pay for would be worth it (obviously it is, I live in the cinema).

LB has inspired me to be more of a completionist, to (for the most part) try to be more selective of what I’m watching (so I don’t abandon it half way through) and to be creative about how I review. I feel as though I really watch things now and that’s because of the podcast and this app.

I love keeping track of what everyone else is watching and I follow some people who have similar tastes to me but know way more about my favourite genres, so my mind is being blown by some very enriching films and documentaries. I can also bookmark all the things I want to watch one day and not have to blindly try to remember. This is good on a sparse homework-setting week when we’re all out of ideas. (This is rare but has happened!).

You know how you do things on your phone day-to-day (like play The Simpsons: Tapped Out – 5 years and counting) and don’t even think about it? That’s Letterboxd. It’s a way of life now and I’m into it.

It’s even better now Meghan’s signed up. She’s long been my film-watching buddy and it sucks we’re so far away from each other and can’t sit in the same theatre and take the piss out of Jason Statham anymore. This is a small slice of what we used to share – so you can see why I like it so much.

And that, my friends, is Letterboxd.

Are you on Letterboxd? Want to follow me?

Forever searching for new films to watch

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