Sweden Will Wait 🇸🇪 

Mum and I were supposed to be arriving in Gothenburg, Sweden today for a four day trip. It was one of my Bucket List entries and something I really wanted to do before I turn 40 in November. Alas, life sometimes throws you a curve ball and plans change.

I had to forgo our trip for my new job and man, being sensible sucks sometimes, doesn’t it? But I’m so glad I’ve been able to put my happiness first recently, it seems like a small price to pay. Luckily for me, I have a job that pays (and that so far I love) so I can go another time – and a travel companion who understands.

Sweden (and my fantasy of pretending to be Lisbeth Salandar all over town) will have to wait a little bit longer.

In other news, we lost our first gerbil overnight. Poor affectionate Rasputin started shaking and acting all lethargic yesterday afternoon so we set him up with a hot water bottle (at the vets suggestion) and hoped it would pass. Unfortunately, it didn’t.

We’ve both been way more devastated than we expected to be, probably because we inherited them from my mother in law. I’ll really miss that little guy, he was my buddy.

Now I feel sad and helpless for his brother, the slightly spikey one left behind. *Frantically Googles how to deal with a grieving gerbil*

Ah, life.

One thought on “Sweden Will Wait 🇸🇪 

  1. Oh no…I’m sorry to hear about the gerbil baby. Possibly the only time I’ve had cause to use the phrase “Poor Rasputin.”
    I’m glad the job is going well even though it blows you can’t take your trip. Sweden does seem really cool even though my brain immediately goes to the Swedish Chef and IKEA…which probably make the same amount of sense.


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