Every* Theatre in Brighton, Ranked

Putzel (66)

*Yes, every. This isn’t North America, we have four.

This post is obviously inspired by my original and best cinema buddy, Meghan Lightle and her favourite theatres in the Greater Toronto Area.

4. Cineworld, Brighton Marina

I can’t remember the last time I visited this one, or what I saw but that’s more to do with proximity to home than anything else.

A major perk of this location is the McDonald’s across the way. Although I’m sure this cinema is perfectly adequate, I only really included it on this list because it’s a theatre in Brighton.

3. Odeon, Brighton

This place is my third home and right next door to new work. I only rate it this low on the list because, apart from the fact I hold a Limitless Card and the staff are cool, it is after all just your standard multiplex. Other people tend to ruin my viewing experience more often than not so seeing films you really want to at peak times here is a bad scene, man. Sunday mornings are usually a joy, unless you accidentally go to the wrong theatre and have to sit through Sing.

The Odeon does have an in-house Costa though and the pièce de résistance: a Ben & Jerry’s counter. Yes, for £36 you too can purchase 4 scoops that have melted into your hands by the time you get to your seat. The loos are the pits.

2. Duke of York’s, Brighton

Some of my happiest viewing memories have occurred here, my favourite building in B Town (Grade II listed, baby and the oldest cinema in continuous use in Britain, according to Wiki). I sort of wish we’d got married here now.

DoY tends to show more cult-y stuff and sometimes late at night too. Over the years I’ve caught both Pink Flamingos and Multiple Maniacs at midnight showings. The seats aren’t as comfortable as the Odeon Prems (e.g. not built for a more ample behind) but you get a good crowd and I generally love their film menu.

The bar is fine but there aren’t that many options cuisine-wise which is a biggie for me. Still, I never have a bad time here and I’m happy to spend real money on the experience.

1. Duke’s @ Komedia, Brighton

Brighton’s second Picture House cinema and our newest. This is my current fave for several reasons:

a) It shows a decent mix of one-off gems and mainstream films
b) It does the best fucking gourmet hot dogs for a fiver
c) There’s a Down Terrace poster on the wall that always reminds me how much I love that movie
d) It has motherfucking sofas! Cinema seat sofas!

Plus, it’s in the North Laines which makes it easy to get to and from after work. The bar is a decent place to hang regardless of whether you’re seeing a film, though last time I was there I walked into the middle of a networking event for actors which was an experience to say the least.


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