Weekly Digest : Stranger Things Special


This week I am mostly digging:

Stranger Things 2! Stranger Things 2! Stranger Things 2! Stranger Things 2! Stranger Things 2! Stranger Things 2! Stranger Things 2! Stranger Things 2! Stranger Things 2! Stranger Things 2! Stranger Things 2! Stranger Things 2! Stranger Things 2! Stranger Things 2! Stranger Things 2!

I don’t mind telling you that the first episode (more like the first bars of the theme) brought a little tear to my eye. I’m so freaking happy Will and the boys are back, I can’t even.

*Beware mild, unintentional spoilers*

Remembering Barb

I dare anyone with a beating heart not to be moved by the visit to Barb’s parents house. And the fact they’re selling their home to pay for a private detective to track down their girl (unaware of their daughter’s fate in Season 1).

It’s heartwarming and heartbreaking that Nancy is the only one really keeping Barb’s memory alive while she wrestles with some pretty nasty guilt every day. Whether or not there is #justiceforbarb and her family in the end isn’t for me to say but I’m personally happy to be reminded of one of my favourite 20th century icons.

*A million crying emojis*


The New Girl

The addition of new kid, Max Hargrove is most welcome in my book, not least because she’s a ginger. I am loving seeing Dustin and Mike falling all over her – I like that she’s respectful of Eleven’s rightful place in the gang and isn’t pushy about being accepted, while still being confident in her own skills.

I want to know more about her family history and her awful stepbrother though…


Ghostbusters Cosplay

Too too cool.

Joyce’s Guy

Joyce Byers’ new man, Bob Newby is an absolute gem. Kind to Joyce’s sons, attentive and caring to Joyce, cuddly af – he’s the real deal. And when Joyce asks extraordinary things of him no questions asked, he delivers – and then some – without hesitation, because that is what love is.

What a welcome and valuable addition to the cast. Even if I am firmly rooting for Hopper and Joyce to GET IT AWN.


Both El and Will are suffering from some pretty heavy PTSD given their experiences and I think it’s pretty cool they’re not just brushing that under the carpet. Kids are always expected to bounce back from the shit they go through but sometimes people suffer from things that can’t be fixed with the click of the fingers. Protect these children at all costs!


The Evolution of Steve Harrington

From bully to bland boyfriend to babysitter and hero extraordinaire, I think Steve might be one of the standouts of this season. It’s hard to recognise the hall dwelling hard man who was horrible to Jonathon and indifferent to anything but getting Nancy in the sack but he’s proof that people can change if they want to.

Plus, Steve and Dustin together = name a better duo. I’ll wait.

My Heart Belongs to Hopper

No words besides: hot damn. Hopper has grown and grown in my estimation.


Seven Eleven

Although I wanted El back in the fold more than anything, it was satisfying to learn a little of her back story and to spend time in the company of another gifted teen. Her growth as a teenager was great to see, her powers gaining strength through her pain and trauma – and yet she was able to go straight back into being a normal kid with normal kid feelings and concerns after saving the day (again).

Eleven is a magical character and one I hope to see develop for years to come.


Let’s not forget the true terror lurking beneath the ground. The Upside Down is a horrific place to find yourself and no matter how you dress it up, it’s genuinely scary. I think tapping into childhood fears is what makes ST work so well – and those damn Demogorgons!



The Gang

The chemistry between the kids is so electric I swear it’s almost entirely why this show has been so successful. Of course it is more than that, but can you imagine any other kids now making you care this much? Me neither.


These above are just a few of my favourite things about the new Stranger Things.

What are your thoughts? 🎃

3 thoughts on “Weekly Digest : Stranger Things Special

  1. Best characters:
    Hopper (le sigh)
    Steve (he’s really great here I agree)
    Max and Lucas
    Punk! Eleven
    Joyce and Nancy
    Mike and Will are the same person.
    Jonathan. He’s fine. But meh.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Totally agree about Mike and Will though Finn Wolfcastle is such a good little actor, there are huge things to come for him. Jonathon is so meh and I want to like Nancy but they don’t give her much to do. Still I love her keeping Barb alive by talking about her all the time and her in the last ep was just gorgeous. She was very sweet with Dusty. Agree with your top three there! Hopper = hot diggity damn x

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I should say, they do give Nancy stuff to do but she still doesn’t make a strong impression. Like, the romantic element and the choice between boys overshadows the detective work she does. She’s actually pretty fearless and gets stuck in to the nitty gritty but I often forget she was even there. Which is on me because not all heroines should have to be warriorlike. Hm. x


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