A Voluptuous Advent: Door 5

December Sick Days

Sick days when you’re actually ill are no fun and today I am having one. I woke up dizzy for the second day this week, fought nausea all the way to work and then had to leave ten minutes in.

As soon as my naked body hit my sheets again, the cool breeze wafting in from the open bedroom window, I start to feel better. Four hours later and the room had stopped spinning. I managed not to throw up this time, which is good. I’m not sure what’s wrong, it feels like a virus or something.

I watched rom-coms on the sofa all afternoon. Had chicken katsu for dinner. I like being at home, unfettered by clothing and make-up. I like being warm and well-fed, away from people and responsibility. I talked out loud to the gerbils and gave them too many treats. I love them so much I want to squeeze them.

Did I also mention that I like attention? Ready-run baths, tea on tap and hot water bottles for my frozen feet. I’m lucky I know to be able to milk the love of a good man.

I hate being sick but I love sick days. Especially Christmas sick days.

Pass the biscuits.

Actual footage from earlier today

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