A Voluptuous Advent: Door 6

Getting Ready

Busy, busy, busy – that’s what we all are this month and I for one do not respond well to it.

I like acres of free time ahead of me – whole hours of leisure to spend reading in the bath. I like watching movies in the evenings and titting about on the internet (perk of not having children, yo). I like my friends, sure and I like festive activities but being in the centre of things in town stresses out every one of my senses. It’s like I’ve never been outdoors before.

There are parties galore this month though and thankfully, there is one activity that I absolutely adore more than most other things, which is lucky really as I’ll be doing a lot of it. That thing is: getting ready to go out.

New dresses, fresh tights, heels (if I’m feeling cocky) – and lashings and lashing of warpaint. There’s just something about putting on cheesy ‘getting ready’ music and going for it. Sure, by the time I get to the bus stop I’ve realised my mistake in being over-zealous with the blush but it’s the ritual that matters.

Budge over, B

I’m a firm supporter of our rights as women to be as pretty as we want to be. We’re under no obligation to be anything other that who and what we want, be that completely naked or made up to the nines.

For me, I prefer myself with strong eyes and a subtle lip. I’m no longer so dependent on make-up that I roll out of bed early to paint on my face before my husband sees me but I still very much love it. I’m a dime store kind of girl but I buy a lot of it, mix it up with new lipsticks every now and again but always find my way back to my old favourites. I just feel stronger and more together with my game face on.

Getting ready is a lot of fun and it’s even more fun when you do it with a group. I’ve got a new gang of girls that like a pre-drink and the swapping of mascara before a night out.ย The party will be fine, I’m sure but it’s the getting ready that I’ll relish the most.

What are your thoughts on work Christmas parties? ๐ŸŽ„

3 thoughts on “A Voluptuous Advent: Door 6

  1. I can’t put on eye makeup in the morning because every time I yawn my eyes water so I rely on strong brows and some contouring. But for nights out I like a lot of black liner and mascara. It’s amazing how much of a difference it makes.

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