Door # 7 – Christmas Drinks

A long time ago I was a Starbucks barista and I loved it. It was incredibly hard work at times, particularly during the festive period but it was also magical and fulfilling in a way most of my jobs since have not been. I miss it a lot and sometimes ponder the possibility of taking on a Sunday shift just to recapture that feeling of camarderie behind the bar. Then I remember I am perpetually lazy and shake it off.

One thing I have never been able to quit though is the Christmas drinks. I look forward to the release of the Autumn menu all year and by Christmas I am itching to wrap my lips around a Grande Eggnog Latte (extra hot, extra wet). Though this activity is synonymous with the behaviours of a common-or-garden Basic Bitch, for me it conjures up memories of some of my very best days.

Snowy Vancouver mornings, the city not on lockdown like Brighton but thriving. Freezing cold nights. Indulgent after work gossip sessions. Hangover cures and big, hot hugs in a cup. Lonely times, happy times and confused times. Wild times.

The taste of Eggnog still takes me back which is odd as it’s slightly different to the ones they sell in North America. It’s not a treat for every day maybe but it’s there when you need it – it’s what Christmas should be, spent with friends, cosy and warm.


Door # 8 – The Holiday

On the trashier side of the Christmas fence and goddamn I love it. Although I can take or leave the romance between Cameron Diaz and Jude Law – and don’t get me started on her inane inability to shed a tear, like so? Who cares? – I’m still all in.

It is of course all about Kate Winslet and Jack Black’s meet cute, and the old dude neighbour who’s actually a huge Hollywood producer and all-round adorable angel. More of them please, and less about Mr Napkin Head. But every year without fail this saccharine shit goes on and I suck it all up because it’s Christmas – and if you can’t cry with Kate as her heart is broken again by Rufus Sewell, then what’s the point? And if you can’t puff up with hope when Jack Black finally turns up at the end and asks her on a date, well then do you even have a heart?

It’s the best/worst and I will always love it.


Door # 9 – The Office Christmas Specials

You know what’s great? The Office Christmas Specials. It’s utterly gorgeous and heart-warming, accurately nailing the importance of the people you spend your working days with, even if you’d never choose them in a million years.

The will-they-won’t-they romance of Dawn and Tim is so compelling and so lovely when it finally happens, while watching David Brent finally grow a pair AND potentially meet someone who reciprocates his feelings is magical. Mix in the very real backdrop of the office Christmas do, the mundane but hilarious social situations and you’ve got yourself a winner.


Door # 10 – Winter Skin Care

What’s with my skin the minute December rolls around? I’ve had to buy extra vitamins, face masks and balms to tame the roughness. I’m drier than the sahara and spottier than Super Ted’s best mate – it gets me down.

Still, there’s something super luxe about soaking in the tub with a clay mask smeared across my face and a book in my hand so I won’t complain too much. And this is the very reason Instagram filters were invented after all.

How’s your December going?