A Voluptuous Advent: Doors 12, 13, 14


Door # 12 – Girls at Parties

The best thing besides the party prep is when you’re getting to know the other girls from your department over a drink and a shimmy across the dance floor. The ones that tell you how much they love your tats when you compliment the outfits they wear on the daily. The ones you meet in the loo.

The ones you admire from afar that you finally get to talk to – and as suspected, they’re amazing. There’s a special energy that crackles around new friendships like this, and girls welcoming new girls and appreciating them is the best thing.


Door # 13 – A Christmas Prince

I can’t do this film as much justice as my girl Lightle can (naturally) but I will say that it’s the perfect mid-week Christmas treat – and I can understand why a select group of people have been coming back for more, again and again.

I also admit that I giggled at the original Prince-shaming tweet that Netflix put out, though it is true that any sort of shade thrown at people enjoying harmless things makes me so mad. We should not be bullied for our perceived bad tastes and I won’t stand for it, especially when the mocker is also the enabler in this scenario!

The film itself is a predictable cheddar-cheese fest about a secret journalist and an infamous prince – and it is perfect thankyouverymuch. Rose McIver (of iZombie fame) is lovely.

Do your self a favour btw, and check out Meghan’s blog and especially her current 30 Days of Christmas season.

Door # 14 – Christmas Jumpers


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How’s your December going?

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