A Voluptuous Advent: Doors 16 & 17

Mine don’t look like this

Door 16: Writing Cards and posting them

I hate the Post Office and always feel anxious when I have a pile of returns to send back – even if Nathan, who runs it, is perfectly charming. That said, once I’ve actually got off my arse and been, I feel great. I feel the same way about writing cards.

I am very bad about organising myself in time for Christmas and usually only send a card to my immediate family and the people who send them to me. But there’s something really satisfying about coming home with a pile of cards and stamps, and sitting down to write them in your very best handwriting. Yesterday I did this with a cup of tea, mince pie and the 2006 remake of Black Christmas.

The cards look perfect but the viewing choice most definitely was not. If you’re looking for iconic Christmas horror, I would recommend sticking to the original and best. Also, go me on the card printing/posting front.


Not my picture but look, it twinkles!

Door 17: The North Laines at Christmas

No matter how much I truly despise being in town during the Christmas rush, I can never be mad at the North Laines. It’s magical, truly. At even the most mundane of times I feel like the Laines are part of the reason I love living in Brighton so much – there’s just something about them.

I fear my Instagram feed hasn’t been looking or feeling Christmassy enough, so I’m going to try and go and look at some festive things over the next week. It shouldn’t be too hard to get into the spirit, right?

How are your festive good times going?

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