A Voluptuous Advent: 19 – 22


Netflix Festive Favourites

Man, Netflix have really knocked it out of the ballpark this Christmas with their Festive straight-to-TV specials. A Christmas Prince has already had a mention but I’ve also recently enjoyed Christmas Inheritance, a tale about a spoilt party girl who visits small town Snow Falls to learn a lesson from the people who live there. Obviously.

There’s also A Christmas Detour, A Wish for Christmas, Once Upon a Holiday, Angels of Christmas and a lot more for me to devour before the month it out.

brooke-lark-464184 (2)

Buck’s Fizz

THE Christmas morning (and all mornings of the Christmas break) drink of choice.

Nursing a Hangover When Your Mum’s Around

Unfortunately, what follows a healthy round of Buck’s Fizz is a steaming hangover.

Luckily, having Mum around for Christmas means I get extra sympathy in between puking sessions and someone to pat me on the head while I lament all the mistakes of my life. Funny how we regress when we’re back with our parents or am I the only one?

New Christmas Pyjamas

It’s simply not Christmas until the new PJs are on. A new set of fresh socks don’t hurt either.

Being cosy is absolutely my priority this time of year and it’s a good job too because I’m not going to have any money for at least the next three months – so I’ll be hibernating with my new books, thankyouverymuch. 

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