A Voluptuous Advent – Doors 27 – 30


Picky Dinners

Absolutely every meal you eat between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day should be picky. Small piles of cheese, pickles, piccalilli, cold cuts, crackers. Every pudding should come with cream and brandy butter.

Accept no substitutes.


Being at Home with the Gerbils

One of the worst things that could happen happened this year – and, while I would give anything to take it back if I could, a silver lining came to us in the form of gerbils.

I didn’t exactly grow up with small rodent pets and it took us a little while to get used to the skittish little bastards but we’ve really grown to love our sons. Sadly, we lost Rasputin in September which sucked balls – but then we adopted two babies, Wednesday and Shadow – and old boy Lenny has had a new lease of life. They’re the best and Lenny is the greatest single dad I’ve ever seen in action.

And being home with them over Christmas has been the best too. They queue up for their snacks, they’re cute little nibblers – and I can’t imagine life without them now.

(Gerbil pictures above not ours).


Afternoon Baths

I’m a fan of baths at any time but afternoon baths are the most decadent. Always with a book and always with a cup of tea.

(Woman in bath picture above not me. Sadly).

League of Gentlemen

The League of Gentlemen Anniversary Episodes

Like Spaced, ever since I found and fell in love with The League of Gentlemen, I’ve felt as though it was made just for me – or just for me and Glynn. I suppose all fans feel that way about the things they obsess over.

So TLOG returned this month with three 20th Anniversary episodes and it was great. Not perfect – personally I’m peeved about not getting more Pauline – but very near to it. As with all of the series’, there are parts I can’t bring myself to watch. But the grotesque is why we’re all here, let’s not pretend and I’ve missed it.

And now I will miss it forever more.

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