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Motivated May

I am hereby renaming this coming month Motivated May and vow to post at least three times a week for the month. I have so many book reviews and half-completed drafts in my folder that I'd love to finally publish - plus, it won't hurt me to have a think about the posts I write for… Continue reading Motivated May

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Girl Gang: Stephen King Character Edition

Inspired as always by the brilliant Meghan Lightle and her Avengers Girl Gang, I've been thinking a lot lately about the mighty female characters of Stephen King's books. While some of his books are decidedly female-ccentric, it isn't always the girls that get the glory. I'm here to round them up for my own personal… Continue reading Girl Gang: Stephen King Character Edition

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East Side Sushi (Film) Review

As a die-hard fan of grittier movies, it is sometimes nice just to tune into something gentle and pure. This movie is a marvel in its simple plodding but also evil because now I can't stop thinking about crispy salmon skin and california rolls. *Spoilers* East Side Sushi (2014) IMDB Synopsis Single mom Juana can… Continue reading East Side Sushi (Film) Review

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Weekly Digest

This week I am seriously digging: Atlanta, Season 2 The first season of Atlanta was so good, I feel like I've been waiting a life time for it to return. And now Donald Glover and friends (including the amazing Lakeith Stanfield) are back and it's just as good as ever. Not only is deeply observational,… Continue reading Weekly Digest

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Anxiety 1, Voluptuous 0

I had a panic attack yesterday morning and had to come home from work. I lay down until it passed and then watched The Conjuring with a cup of tea and a banging headache. I'm off again today with the same headache but really it was frightening and I still feel out of sorts. Even… Continue reading Anxiety 1, Voluptuous 0

Jillian & Christa's Great Blog Collab 2018 · The Movies

Hurricane Bianca (Film) Review

... or If You Can't Love Yourself, How in the Hell Are You Gonna Love Anybody Else? This week's pick is mine and *disclaimer* it is self-servicing AF. As a disciple of Ru Paul's Drag Race (and let me tell you, there's nothing more extra than a new convert), of course I was going to get… Continue reading Hurricane Bianca (Film) Review

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The Woman in the Window (Book) Review

I read this book in tandem with my friend Heather and it was so much fun. We both raced through it in a couple of days and compared notes as we went. This book is impossible to put down, something authors are always quoted as saying for the cover of novels but in this case… Continue reading The Woman in the Window (Book) Review