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Final Girl Friday: Sara, Creep 2

Desiree Akhavan is a force to be reckoned with and has been super impressive in front of and behind the camera with Appropriate Behaviour (which she wrote, directed AND starred in), Girls and The Miseducation of Cameron Post to name but a few. So imagine my delight when she also appeared in the much-awaited sequel… Continue reading Final Girl Friday: Sara, Creep 2

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Scream Queen Girl Gang (Modern Edition)

These are the actresses I'd most like to have a pint and share eyeliner with because they seem cool. And you know, if we ever happened to get into any trouble, then I'd be confident in their ability to help me fight to the death - which is a pretty good quality to pick in… Continue reading Scream Queen Girl Gang (Modern Edition)

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The Monday Feeling

I have a super power. I'm not sure why but wherever I go, people tell me things. Deep and meaningful snippets of detail from their lives that I don't ask for. I love it though - it makes me feel good to be trusted and it must mean I have an open face. I think… Continue reading The Monday Feeling

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Horror F(r)iends

I might not have made it clear enough on this blog: I live for the movies. All movies really but mainly horror. Good horror, bad horror, cheap horror - most of it has a place in this old heart of mine. My absolute favourites of all time include Candyman and Hellraiser - with a whole… Continue reading Horror F(r)iends

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The Scariest Tale of All

I often think about fear and how it affects me. All my life I think I've been afraid to try too hard. Sounds pretty general (and maybe relatable?) but if I'm honest, if I'd pushed myself harder in certain areas, things could have been different. Higher education for instance or my so-called talent for spinning… Continue reading The Scariest Tale of All

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I'm not the best traveler in the world. I get kind of angsty when I have to step outside my comfort zone, particularly when it comes to the practical aspects of the actual travel. But of course it's always worth it and I love nothing more than mooching around a new city. My favourite ever… Continue reading CopenYAYgen

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Autumn Bucket List

I haven't really planned much for Autumn apart from my trip, which in itself is a pretty cool thing to cross off the bucket list. I've always wanted to visit Copenhagen, so I guess I'll start there. These are the things I'll be doing this Autumn, in no particular order. Copenhagen Tora and I have… Continue reading Autumn Bucket List