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New Year, Same Me

In 2018, I pledge to be even more me. To take up more space, to take more chances, make more mistakes, more friends, more noise. Take trips, say yes, create more. Write more and be more present. I'm tired of all the new me bullshit. While it's nice to take stock of a year and… Continue reading New Year, Same Me

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Silent Night, Deadly Night (Film) Review

Kicking off December with a Christmas horror classic (?). This tale is all too real to be honest and I find myself siding with the (hot) antagonist, which is always rather worrying. There's not much more I need to say by way of introduction, other than - I think the Christmas/Horror hybrid sub-genre is one… Continue reading Silent Night, Deadly Night (Film) Review

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All I Want for Christmas is Stuff

I thought I’d aim for a more light-hearted post after the moodiness of the last. Those damn swimming pools. One of Little Mix* (I nonchalantly pretend I don’t know which one but of course I do, it was Jade) tweeted her Christmas list and I thought it was a cool idea. So here’s my fantasy… Continue reading All I Want for Christmas is Stuff