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Girl Gang: Drag Race Edition

Of course there had to be a Queen version of the Girl Gang eventually. It just makes sense, especially off the back of the Season 10 finale. I present, my Drag Race Girl Gang - what a fierce bunch. Acid Betty Season eight's caustic Acid Betty left the game way too early but you know… Continue reading Girl Gang: Drag Race Edition

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Girl Gang: Stephen King Character Edition

Inspired as always by the brilliant Meghan Lightle and her Avengers Girl Gang, I've been thinking a lot lately about the mighty female characters of Stephen King's books. While some of his books are decidedly female-ccentric, it isn't always the girls that get the glory. I'm here to round them up for my own personal… Continue reading Girl Gang: Stephen King Character Edition

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International Day of the Girl Child

Yesterday was International Day of the Girl Child and also, World Obesity Day. The latter as you can imagine divided the internet and a lot of the fat babes I follow on Twitter claimed the hashtag for themselves as a form of celebration. I was there for it as always, as were the usual boring trolls… Continue reading International Day of the Girl Child

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Day 19: Nasty Woman

Such a nasty woman ~ Dump I don't stand with her any more than I stand with Dump but I sure as fuck love the "Nasty Woman" slogan, adopted positively by the women of the world after the hideous (now) President Elect spat it out at Hillary Clinton during a presidential debate. It's such a… Continue reading Day 19: Nasty Woman

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Big Screen Girl Gang 

I stole this idea from last month's Cosmopolitan, not going to lie. It was lying around in the gym last night and I take my inspiration where I can get it. Cosmo's version has more of a single girl flavour though, choosing to celebrate the solo babes of cinema in line with the release of… Continue reading Big Screen Girl Gang 

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My Own Best Friend

Sometimes when people talk about their very best friends I feel sad. I mean, let's face facts here, my last long-term 'friend relationship' didn't end well. That's not to say I haven't had long beautiful ones since then but that experience taught me that in some cases labels are not a good thing. When I think… Continue reading My Own Best Friend

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We Could Be Heroes #3: Barb Holland (Fictional)

**This love letter contains Stranger Things spoilers** A couple of months back I fell in love, and I fell hard. Sadly, this love was never fully realised as, a) it was for a fictional character and b) the object of my affection was coldly snatched from me before it could develop any further. Still, that's not going… Continue reading We Could Be Heroes #3: Barb Holland (Fictional)