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Safe Zone

My home is rarely tidy. It's comfortable and warm but our furniture is worn, there are books everywhere and I only vacuum when I know I have guests coming. I believe there's always something more interesting to be doing than housework and I live by this philosophy. I wish I were more house proud but… Continue reading Safe Zone

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A History of Silence

The other week was Mental Health Awareness Week and I had planned to post this then as a celebration of my own mental struggles - but of course I never got the time/had the energy to sit down and polish off the right words. I do think it's great that this week is marked in… Continue reading A History of Silence

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So much for Motivated May, eh? I had all these plans to keep the posts flowing throughout Mental Health Awareness Week and then... I couldn't muster the energy. Instead I had a very chilled week, mainlined Safe on Netflix and spent time with my beloved. Which sometimes is all the self-care you need. MHAW was… Continue reading Smental

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Blue Monday

Here it is, the single most depressing day of the entire year. I mean there are reasons to kick against it, to say "Fuck this, not today, Satan" but when it's violently windy outside and your umbrella gets blown inside out 0.2 seconds after stepping out of the door, it's hard to be strong. Plus,… Continue reading Blue Monday

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World Mental Health Day

Yesterday was World Mental Health Day so obviously that's my topic for today. And today is International Day of the Girl Child so that's tomorrow covered. I just love being one day out of sync at all times. So Mental Health. It's fitting for me at the moment, as you know I'm always banging on about… Continue reading World Mental Health Day

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I'm starting again. Again. I'm delighted about it and I'll write more soon when I can get all my thoughts together but for now, just know that I'm making solid plans to feel happier. That is my bottom line. Oh, and obviously it's not all that major, just a job change. I'm not selling all… Continue reading Begin

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Anxiety, my old friend

I've decided that it's time I was a little more honest with myself, and whoever reads these posts, from now on. To be clear, I don't think I present too false an image of my life. What you see is pretty much what you get, bar the filters I slap on my tired old selfies… Continue reading Anxiety, my old friend