The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye (Book) Review

You can imagine my joy when I found out Lisbeth Salander was back. In her second story penned by David Lagercrantz, our heroine is incarcerated - Lisbeth in prison! - for her actions in The Girl in the Spider's Web. Despite the fact she saved the life of a brilliant young boy using any means … Continue reading The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye (Book) Review

On Reading IT for the First Time

I'm finally reading Stephen King's IT. Yes, aged 39, I have finally decided to dip my toe in Pennywise the Clown's rancid world. Although, it should be said that I no longer have one foot poised precariously over the swamp that is the town of Derry. I am now fully submerged, head and all. Stephen King's novels were … Continue reading On Reading IT for the First Time

Handing in my #onewomanbookclub Membership Card

Back in June I decided to take part in the 20 Books of Summer Challenge. That was the optimistic idea of reading twenty books in 3 months. Well, I am here to tell you that I didn't quite make it. In fact, over the sunnier period I read only eight things. I guess we could … Continue reading Handing in my #onewomanbookclub Membership Card