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New Year, Same Me

In 2018, I pledge to be even more me. To take up more space, to take more chances, make more mistakes, more friends, more noise. Take trips, say yes, create more. Write more and be more present. I'm tired of all the new me bullshit. While it's nice to take stock of a year and… Continue reading New Year, Same Me

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Goals – Six Month Check Up

It seems I saw out 2015 with much hope in my heart, setting some interesting personal challenges and then adding to them in early January. Since we’re half way through the year I thought it might be fun to recap and see where I’m at with those. Instead of being all list-y, I’ll break this… Continue reading Goals – Six Month Check Up

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Goals: Redux

People can be really huffy about resolutions and I get it when we're bombarded as soon as Boxing Day is over with spam emails from Weight Watchers and gym groups. But I kind of like them myself. I feel like I'm quite a pro-active kind of chap when I want to be and I respond well to… Continue reading Goals: Redux

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Quit You

It’s become a thing in our household to quit something we love on New Year’s Eve and stick to it for the duration of the coming year. I’m not sure why, but 2015 was my first year in the ‘game’ and I gave up chocolate, just for shits n’ gigs. My lovely husband spent 2014… Continue reading Quit You

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Resolution Road

“And now we welcome the New Year, full of things that have never been." ~ Rainer Maria Rilke Happy New Year! (Got to start with the obligatory NY inspirational quote, natch). I have, of course, already lightly laid down the gauntlet for New Year. That list contained only a handful of areas I would like to… Continue reading Resolution Road

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Bah Bye 2014!

Well well well, here we are on the cusp of a brand new year and it feels like we were standing here not so long ago, doesn't it? Where did 2014 go? That said, quite a lot of shit has gone down and even as I ponder how speedily those months have flown by, I… Continue reading Bah Bye 2014!

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Resolutions 2014 Edition

Last year my husband gave up bacon for the whole of 2014. As I write this, he hasn't broken this vow once and although his resolution has been a hard one to stick to, especially at sociable breakfast times, he has chosen to hold fast. This year, for him, it is a toss-up between giving up… Continue reading Resolutions 2014 Edition