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I'm anti-social. Honestly, if I were left to my own devices I'd be a full-time hermit living on Cloud 9, never going out and having all my meals and necessities delivered to my door. Unfortunately, I also have severe FOMO and I like my friends so cannot live out my natural anti-social tendencies to their… Continue reading FOMO Oh No

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Girl, Bye.

You know what true power is? Cutting things out of your life that hurt or anger you. No argument, no "Fuck you", just a "Girl, bye" under your breath and you’re off. I’m currently angry and bewildered by a particular incident that happened on that wonderful barometer of how shit people can be: the internet.… Continue reading Girl, Bye.

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Get Me Bodied

Last night I fell into bed at the usual time utterly exhausted. Had I climbed a mountain, or run 10k? Nope, just the usual: spent more than a 'healthy' amount of time on Twitter. I can't blame my favourite social media app for all these feelings of inertia but a conversation started on there that began… Continue reading Get Me Bodied

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The Ex Factor

This headline popped up in my inbox this morning: “Facebook begins testing tools to let people manage interactions with exes” and, to paraphrase Miss Carrie Bradshaw, it got me to thinking. Obviously, before I pour vitriol all over this post, I have to say that I understand this is meant to be a good thing.… Continue reading The Ex Factor

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Quit You

It’s become a thing in our household to quit something we love on New Year’s Eve and stick to it for the duration of the coming year. I’m not sure why, but 2015 was my first year in the ‘game’ and I gave up chocolate, just for shits n’ gigs. My lovely husband spent 2014… Continue reading Quit You

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The Voice

It's been all go this weekend with family visits, free comedy, eating everything in sight and going to see the new Mad Max (look, my view of busy versus yours may be very different, okay?). It will also be all go this coming weekend with a family wedding and some time away from home at my… Continue reading The Voice

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Who Run The World?

Just a quick meme from me today, with a longer post on this topic later in the week. This, reposted from @huffpostwomen on Instagram, is just perfect and a very good reminder that there's enough room in the world for us all. Sure, sometimes we might need to check ourselves, but as women we should… Continue reading Who Run The World?