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Cry for the Bad Man

Ugh. Some days no matter what you do, things just won't go your way. One thing can throw you off or get under your skin and then suddenly you're sobbing for every bad thing that ever happened to you. That was me this morning, Wasting perfectly good make-up on something (and someone) insignificant but also… Continue reading Cry for the Bad Man

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I'm anti-social. Honestly, if I were left to my own devices I'd be a full-time hermit living on Cloud 9, never going out and having all my meals and necessities delivered to my door. Unfortunately, I also have severe FOMO and I like my friends so cannot live out my natural anti-social tendencies to their… Continue reading FOMO Oh No

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Watching Girls Go By

I feel like I spend most of my summer months obsessively people watching. Watching girls to be precise. I can take or leave men in summer or any month of the year - but women in the sunshine are something else. The best outfits come out in the Spring as we tiptoe cautiously into the… Continue reading Watching Girls Go By

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Working Overtime

I'm going to free flow this bad boy today because sometimes little truth nuggets pop out when you're not thinking about them and that can be a freeing feeling. I'm very tired at the moment, doing lots of overtime at work to pay for things coming up later in the year. Birthdays, trips, visits. Life.… Continue reading Working Overtime

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I Used To Love Him: Michael Jackson (AKA Teenage Idol)

Who did you idolise as a teenager? Did you go crazy for the Beatles? Ga-ga over Duran Duran? In love with Justin Bieber? Did you think Elvis was the livin’ end? Via The Daily Post (January 11th 2016) Justin Bieber? How young do you think I am?! (*Fluffs hair*). It's been quite a pressured week, so… Continue reading I Used To Love Him: Michael Jackson (AKA Teenage Idol)

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Boring is as Boring Does

I've never really worried about how my friends perceive me. I mean, of course I care as much as the next person what people think, but I always figure if we're friends then they think I'm awesome, and vice versa. Sometimes though you get a flash of how someone sees you and it isn't always flattering.… Continue reading Boring is as Boring Does

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#one becomes #two

Just under a year ago I claimed the blog title Two Girls One Book Club in a moment of absolute genius. I mean, you have to be a bit of a filth pot to get the thinly veiled reference but it's classy as well, you know? Just like me. The plan was to blog with another… Continue reading #one becomes #two