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I'm not the best traveler in the world. I get kind of angsty when I have to step outside my comfort zone, particularly when it comes to the practical aspects of the actual travel. But of course it's always worth it and I love nothing more than mooching around a new city. My favourite ever… Continue reading CopenYAYgen

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Red or Dead

As with my enormous bottom, I always thought of my red hair as a hindrance. There were times I would curse my mystery benefactor, the one who bestowed the ginger gene upon me without permission and skipped maniacally into the sunset never to be seen again. His myth was replaced with the one about the milkman and… Continue reading Red or Dead

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The Only (Riot) Grrrl In The World

Ever notice how the best songs are the heartbreak anthems? Sometimes not even anthems, some are weepy little poems that still have the power to cut you like a switch blade (hey there Joni).Even though I hung up my angst a long time ago (does one ever?) and am not currently nursing a sore heart,… Continue reading The Only (Riot) Grrrl In The World

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Memoir Madness

Prompt via Weekly Writing Challenges (4th August 2014) In this week’s writing challenge, mine your memory and write a memoir. It is some time in May, maybe later, maybe earlier. I never remember dates. I find myself barefoot in Paradise and, though the sun feels like kitten kisses on my lids, I would give anything to be… Continue reading Memoir Madness