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I'm anti-social. Honestly, if I were left to my own devices I'd be a full-time hermit living on Cloud 9, never going out and having all my meals and necessities delivered to my door. Unfortunately, I also have severe FOMO and I like my friends so cannot live out my natural anti-social tendencies to their… Continue reading FOMO Oh No

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Dealing with Work the Riot Grrrl Way

[Called into boss' office for a rollicking] Boss: What have you got to say for yourself then, Christa? Me: *Lifts shirt to reveal 'FUCK THE PATRIACHY' etched across belly in black eyeliner* Boss: ... [In meeting] Boss: Where are we at with that thing, Christa? Me: *Pushes knuckles together to spell out 'Revolution'* Boss: No,… Continue reading Dealing with Work the Riot Grrrl Way