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I've got some annual leave this week. While I've made a few plans - dinner with a friend, cinema, tattoo on Thursday - let's not pretend I'm not spending the majority of it on the sofa with The Handmaid's Tale and various films, while my tea kettle works over time. My intention is to also… Continue reading Drafts

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Catch Up

  Remember when blogs were a form of journalling? When we'd write down what we'd done in that day or how we felt about certain things as if our online space was a fluffy pink lockable diary from the 80's? (Nineties, 2000's, whatever). I feel like somewhere along the line I've lost what blogging means… Continue reading Catch Up

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Holiday Fuck Yeah!

If anybody needs me next week, I will mostly be doing these things: First and foremost, I will be sleeping in. Or if not sleeping in late then at least turning off the alarm and waking up naturally. Which will no doubt mean I’ll be eating cereal in front of Netflix by 8 but with… Continue reading Holiday Fuck Yeah!