Jillian & Christa's Great Blog Collab 2018 · The Movies

Beach Rats (Film) Review

I'm beginning to think I should be banned from picking movies for the The Blog Collab because my last few have been ambulating snoozefests with a puffed up sense of their own importance. This week is no exception and even though you might be able to argue that it's art, it's not the kind of… Continue reading Beach Rats (Film) Review

Jillian & Christa's Great Blog Collab 2018 · The Movies

God’s Own Country (Film) Review

Here at Collab HQ (it's more of a state of mind than an actual place given that we're camped on separate continents), we love to devastate ourselves. Sometimes we favour fluff just to get over the utter weep-fests we've put ourselves through. Although this week's movie might not have had that exact effect on me,… Continue reading God’s Own Country (Film) Review

The Movies

The Way He Looks (Film) Review

Foreign cinema again but this time with a LGBT vibe, which I think might be the direction our next films will be taking. Netflix has quite a few interesting offerings in this genre so who knows, the world is our oyster! This film is Brazilian with subtitles in Portuguese - Jillian's pick. *Beware spoilers* The Way… Continue reading The Way He Looks (Film) Review