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Rebecca (Book) Review

I know, I know, it's criminal in some respects that I hadn't read this before last month. It boasts everything I hold dear in literature (Gothic landscapes, strong women, drama, murder, suspense) and yet somehow I just never got round to it. It's the same with Jane Austen, I feel close to the subject matter… Continue reading Rebecca (Book) Review

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*The first 3 episodes* I want to talk about the TV adaptation of one of my favourite books in recent years (and apparently, my Book of 2016) - Dietland. It's just started airing in the US and thankfully also on Amazon Prime - which is the greatest weekly treat. The first three episodes are up… Continue reading Dietland

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Weekly Digest

This week I am seriously digging: Atlanta, Season 2 The first season of Atlanta was so good, I feel like I've been waiting a life time for it to return. And now Donald Glover and friends (including the amazing Lakeith Stanfield) are back and it's just as good as ever. Not only is deeply observational,… Continue reading Weekly Digest

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The Jane Austen Book Club (Film) Review

Since Sunday was a complete and literal wash-out with torrential rain all day and even snow in some places in the country, there was no feasible way to leave the house. So nice food was purchased, PJs were thrown on and this film was put on the box. And it was perfect in every way. I'm… Continue reading The Jane Austen Book Club (Film) Review

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Such Small Hands (Book) Review

It would be very hard for me to go in too deep on this book because it's very hard to define. It's stunning though; macabre, fascinating and eery as hell. Marina is seven and has just become an orphan, after her parents are killed in a car accident. The same accident strips the skin from… Continue reading Such Small Hands (Book) Review

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#one becomes #two

Just under a year ago I claimed the blog title Two Girls One Book Club in a moment of absolute genius. I mean, you have to be a bit of a filth pot to get the thinly veiled reference but it's classy as well, you know? Just like me. The plan was to blog with another… Continue reading #one becomes #two

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Geek Love Review

Before I even finished this book, I was thinking about how I would review it. Not all books deserve a review in my eyes (Bellman & Black, I'm looking at you) but this one is so multi-layered, so fantastic and dark that it really does deserve to be talked about. I'm just mad it took… Continue reading Geek Love Review