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East Side Sushi (Film) Review

As a die-hard fan of grittier movies, it is sometimes nice just to tune into something gentle and pure. This movie is a marvel in its simple plodding but also evil because now I can't stop thinking about crispy salmon skin and california rolls. *Spoilers* East Side Sushi (2014) IMDB Synopsis Single mom Juana can… Continue reading East Side Sushi (Film) Review

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The Way He Looks (Film) Review

Foreign cinema again but this time with a LGBT vibe, which I think might be the direction our next films will be taking. Netflix has quite a few interesting offerings in this genre so who knows, the world is our oyster! This film is Brazilian with subtitles in Portuguese - Jillian's pick. *Beware spoilers* The Way… Continue reading The Way He Looks (Film) Review

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In a World… (Film) Review

This week we were going to go for a Nicholas Sparks adaptation to guarantee maximum schmaltz and romance with a capital 'R'. Because both our forays into the Romance genre so far have proven very telling about the human beings that we are, e.g. more into the anti-romance. That's until Netflix, the bastard (I love you!),… Continue reading In a World… (Film) Review