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Anxiety 1, Voluptuous 0

I had a panic attack yesterday morning and had to come home from work. I lay down until it passed and then watched The Conjuring with a cup of tea and a banging headache. I'm off again today with the same headache but really it was frightening and I still feel out of sorts. Even… Continue reading Anxiety 1, Voluptuous 0

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I posted this on Instagram late Saturday night in a moment of candidness and it got quite a heartwarming response. So I thought, why not share it here? It's one of the things I think of the most at the moment, the relentless passing of time and how it affects my self-esteem. I know it's… Continue reading Ageing

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I saw this video yesterday, posted as part of #mentalhealthawarenessweek and like most women would on viewing it, felt very emotional. Why is it, still, that we're so quick to trash talk ourselves, yet would never dream of doing the same to our friends or other women? (Hopefully). Why is it, after all this time, after all the… Continue reading Radical

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Painting the Walls

I've never identified more with an illustration found on Twitter before (Heather of Yummy Sushi Pajamas kindly sourced the artist, who is Suzeart). This is exactly how I view my tattoos and how wonderfully that's been put here. Too often I've told myself I'll wait until I'm a certain way (thin, obviously) before I treat myself to… Continue reading Painting the Walls

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It’s Life Gym, But Not As We Know It

I've decided to overhaul my entire blog and turn it into a healthy lifestyle/fitness blog instead. No more movies, books or random musings; more diet plans, chats about cardio and slagging off carbs. HAVE I FUCK! That will not happen on my watch, I can promise you that. However, I did want to blog about… Continue reading It’s Life Gym, But Not As We Know It

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It’s been a very stressful week so far and I’ve only worked one day of it. I refuse to blog about work, however, unless absolutely necessary so all I will say is: stop the world I want to get off. *Pukes everywhere* On that note, and I really shouldn’t be doing this when I could… Continue reading Magic