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Weekly Digest – TV Special

Yes, I watch a lot of television, what of it? There's so much good stuff at the moment, how can I not be regularly getting my fix, it would be rude. Plus, I hate to miss out. Here's what I've been watching... The Handmaid's Tale - Season 1 I know, I know - I am… Continue reading Weekly Digest – TV Special

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Girl Gang: Stephen King Character Edition

Inspired as always by the brilliant Meghan Lightle and her Avengers Girl Gang, I've been thinking a lot lately about the mighty female characters of Stephen King's books. While some of his books are decidedly female-ccentric, it isn't always the girls that get the glory. I'm here to round them up for my own personal… Continue reading Girl Gang: Stephen King Character Edition

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Weekly Digest

This week I am loving: The Fall I'm very late to this party but I've become obsessed. I've done the first two seasons already this weekend. Could being able to rinse an extraordinary amount of television within a tiny window of time be considered a super power? In The Fall, a strangler is terrorising Belfast… Continue reading Weekly Digest

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Misery (Book) Review

"She can't be dead, MISERY CHASTAIN CANNOT BE DEAD!" ~ Annie Wilkes The latest in my long overdue Stephen King Odyssey and one of the best so far. When I shared that I was reading this on social media, some of my friends popped up to say how brilliant it is, even in comparison to… Continue reading Misery (Book) Review

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The King & I

I didn't grow up with Stephen King, which seems odd to me now. I liked horror alright but I just never got around to plundering SK's catalogue. In place of his classics I was all over Judy Bloom, Jilly Cooper and Jackie Collins. I guess I was a precocious kid in my reading tastes, I like the feeling… Continue reading The King & I

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Autumn Reading List 🍂 

It's the most wonderful time of the year. Yep, Autumn reading season and I can't wait to get stuck in. Inspired by new podcast What Page Are You On, I've purchased some new books and added them to a few I already had queued up. Now I just need some chunky knitwear and some slightly… Continue reading Autumn Reading List 🍂 

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On Reading IT for the First Time

I'm finally reading Stephen King's IT. Yes, aged 39, I have finally decided to dip my toe in Pennywise the Clown's rancid world. Although, it should be said that I no longer have one foot poised precariously over the swamp that is the town of Derry. I am now fully submerged, head and all. Stephen King's novels were… Continue reading On Reading IT for the First Time