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Sun Bores

If there's one thing worst than melting in the middle of a Great British heatwave, it is having to deal with all the people with Opinions™. If it's not being bitchy about what people should wear (whether they be too fat, too thin, too pale, too leathery, too made up), it's what they choose to… Continue reading Sun Bores

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Watching Girls Go By

I feel like I spend most of my summer months obsessively people watching. Watching girls to be precise. I can take or leave men in summer or any month of the year - but women in the sunshine are something else. The best outfits come out in the Spring as we tiptoe cautiously into the… Continue reading Watching Girls Go By

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Checking In, Catching Up

Hello! I don't really know what I've been doing lately and although I've been posting regularly, I do feel as though I've been coasting along on here somewhat. Was that my plan when I asked for guest posts, I wonder? (Yes). Not really! I guess I've just been more of a doer lately, which is… Continue reading Checking In, Catching Up

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A Visit in Pictures

As you know, Jill visited me this week and we did shit loads of sightseeing around Brighton together. I've been particularly lazy this weekend as we've been on the go (G and I) since last Sunday, so I haven't blogged much (that will change though, have no fear). Have some pictures instead. Sorry if you follow me on social… Continue reading A Visit in Pictures

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Summertime Sniping

Last week at some point a horrible woman wrote a newspaper article about fat people. I won't link to it, nor will I utter her name because frankly, I feel like contributing to any publicity for her is what she wants, even if it is negative. At this point I can't even bring myself to… Continue reading Summertime Sniping