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Fall Projects

Autumn is my own version of Spring and when the days are bright and crisp, I'm inspired. I thought I'd let you in on one of my favourite ongoing projects and how my partner and I have been working to streamline everything for our brand new season. I'm talking about the podcast I co-host with… Continue reading Fall Projects

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I've got some annual leave this week. While I've made a few plans - dinner with a friend, cinema, tattoo on Thursday - let's not pretend I'm not spending the majority of it on the sofa with The Handmaid's Tale and various films, while my tea kettle works over time. My intention is to also… Continue reading Drafts

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Work Blogging Across the Universe

I've started writing for my work blog and the results have been interesting. I've had some really genuine and lovely feedback from people I don't know very well (as well as close colleagues and friends) - and I've had more than a couple of moments of pure and utter anxiety about whether I've said too… Continue reading Work Blogging Across the Universe

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Goals: Redux

People can be really huffy about resolutions and I get it when we're bombarded as soon as Boxing Day is over with spam emails from Weight Watchers and gym groups. But I kind of like them myself. I feel like I'm quite a pro-active kind of chap when I want to be and I respond well to… Continue reading Goals: Redux

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Bah Bye Writing 101: Day 20 – The Future

Writing 101 – Day 20 (Friday 2nd October 2015) – The future Okay so I skipped out on half the Writing 101 prompts in this series because I'm a bad and lazy person. It did get me writing on the reg though so I can't say it's been a waste of time, and it has had… Continue reading Bah Bye Writing 101: Day 20 – The Future

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Writing 101: Day 10 – Update Your Readers

Writing 101 – Day 10 (Friday 18th September 2015) – Update your readers over a cup of coffee I was going to write a long thing about how boring my life is in comparison to my friends' who all go on dates, have scandals and generally live the dream any which way they fucking like (in… Continue reading Writing 101: Day 10 – Update Your Readers

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Writing 101: Day 9 – Reinvent the Letter Format

Writing 101 – Day 9 (Thursday 17th September 2015) – Reinvent the letter format I'm reinventing nothing this morning. But I will do the assignment. Dear Neighbour, I’m sorry you saw me naked. Actually. No. You’re welcome. Love from 1A Heeeeeeee!